Mystic Barbara Kočková spiritual candle (black)

Mystic Barbara Kočková spiritual candle (black)


Mystic Barbara Kočková spiritual candle (black) - DESCRIPTION

Hand-made 28oz, interior decoration, for meditation, spiritual rituals, made in Europe – Czech Republic

We provide ritual candles which I hand make at full moon. These candles are made in order to help you resolve the problems which are weighing you down. These candles are unique in two regards. First of all, I make them by hand, and in so doing I project my energy into them, focused especially such that each candle can help my client in their particular problem. And secondly, they are only made in the period two days prior to and following the full moon.


The colour of the candle aligns with the problem you want to resolve.
Pink: feelings, a relationship, love, marriage, relationships.
Black: cleansing from any type of negative energy, cleansing of the person, or items and property, bewitchment, curses, eliminating diseases, etc..
White: cleansing, health, success, employment, protection and everything else.


Take the candle out of the box, place it on a heatproof saucer and sprinkle salt all around it, which will boost its powers. Then when quiet and alone write your wish at the bottom of the candle using the present tense. E.g.: love me, I’m happy, I have a loving partner beside me, etc. You can include a number of wishes. Light the candle and imagine your wish, visualising it in your mind in great detail for at least ten minutes or more.

How much your wish is fulfilled will depend on the energy you put into it. The candle must burn out completely. It can burn with pauses. This means if you need to go out, you can extinguish the candle and relight it when you get back. Never leave a burning candle unattended. 

Technical specification

Pack contents

  • box
  • candle
  • pencil for writing your wish
  • bast for filling box
  • instructions for use

Box size 12x12x12cm.

Candle weight 800g.


It is my greatest wish that you can be happy and achieve your goal.

With all my love, respect and humility, Barbara Kočková