A few words


Dear friends,

I’ve been reading cards my entire life. Fortunetelling, chakra cleansing, negative energy cleansing. My mum, grandmother and great-grandmother all did the same before me. Fortune telling is a family affair for us. I’ve essentially been telling fortunes since childhood when I saw it with my mum. I tell a number of fortunes each day. I am someone who derives satisfaction from helping others. I got into candle making because I felt deep regret over the fates of the people I wanted to help. All problem-resolving rituals are always done with candles. Life itself and everything that happens around us in essence comprise energies. Before making candles myself, I used to buy them and my rituals worked at about 60% efficiency. I mulled over where the problem might be and realised that it depended on who made the particular candle I used during my ritual. This was the signal for me to start making my own candles, observing the right rules such as making them only during a full moon. And if you incorporate your own energy in your wish, you can be sure that you will be able to bring about and achieve your wish. For your wish to come true requires your own energy. You must be absolutely convinced that your wish will be fulfilled. For all those who purchase one of my candles, I trust that your wish will be fulfilled as soon as possible and you can be truly happy.


With all my love, respect and humility, Barbara Kočková.